Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Traditions

The days leading to Christmas Break were full of excitement in my room, and in writing workshop, we turned our attention to writing to give a gift to others. Our focus was on family preparations and traditions during the holidays. As a parent and a teacher, I love hearing from kids what they look forward to and find significant during this time of year.

We all loved hearing the stories of holiday preparations and traditions--some that were common to most of us and some that were new to many of us. The kids took great pride in their work, and I know that a lot of families have specially wrapped treasures under their trees...a way to remember what was important to their first grader during Christmas 2010. Yes, there was a lot of learning going on, but I just want to share some of the images from some of the kids' work. I wish I could share all of them--stories of Las Posadas, family gatherings, and more--but am choosing to share a few that show how seriously the kids took this chance to use writing to let their families know how much they value their special traditions. Enjoy!
Singing Christmas songs [is] important to us because Christmas is Jesus' birthday.

Because I want to and I love to and because I know that Christmas is coming soon.

To my family: [they]are special because they are the best thing in my life. To my favorite family.
I love this day because it is my brother and I will always have a good day because you are there. The end.
I love this tradition because my mom has been doing it since she was a little girl.

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